Get Islamic Children's Books in Libraries
Across the World! 

Your request and $4 gets one book into one library across the world! Our goal: to donate 66,000 books to 1,000 libraries!

Here's how you can help:

1. Request our books at your local library!
The process for getting books may vary from region to region, so the best thing to do is to ask your local library what are the steps to get a book onto their shelves, and then let us know so we can make it easier for others! You can follow these steps below.

First, talk to your local library. You can follow a script we've created here and give the library the remaining pages with information about the books including their ISBNs.
As you talk to your librarian, gather the information about their process and take good notes!
Submit this form telling us what library you've talked to and any relevant information!
We'll then have someone from our team reach out to you to make sure we can get the books to your library.
When the library confirms that they can accept the books for their circulation, we'll send a set to your local library!
Once the books are in circulation, you'll need to encourage friends and family to check out the books so they remain relevant.
Here is another tool to use to help you get the process of requesting books started from our friends at Little Big Kids:

2. Donate the cost of a book ($4) or more!

​Help us cover the costs of these books going to libraries and reap the rewards of educating others for years to come!
It is part of the Kisa mission to nurture the hearts and minds of children and to facilitate easy access to Islamic material and literature to Muslims and non-Muslims. The goal is that once libraries have Islamic books on their shelves, it will give children from various backgrounds access to Islamic information, and it will allow Muslim children with limited resources to enjoy Islamic stories.

Thank you for your assistance as we embark on getting Islamic books into libraries!

With Duas,

Kisa Kids